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About chopping boards out of olive wood

Yes. Of course every household has already wooden boards that serve as a chopping board.

But we are sure, you have also determined that the surface has got very fast deep knife grooves. These cause moisture and odors to settle in the wood. This is especially noticeable when chopping onions or garlic.

Chopping board with juice groove

Why this happen?

It is the softness of the wood! If you do not want to avoid this problem and still want to use the advantages of a wooden board ,  we recommend a chopping board made of olive wood. Olive wood is one of the densest woods and has the following advantages especially for the kitchen …

– high density, therefore particularly hard
– solid and durable
– high natural oil content
– antibacterial effects, therefore more hygienic
– d
oes not absorb odors so easily
– easy to care for

In addition to these positive qualities, olive wood has a very individual and oftne an outstanding wood grain. The color palette of the different nuances ranges from gold to chocolate brown which looks very decorative. Olive wood products, like chopping boards spread a pleasant and cozy indoor atmosphere into your kitchen or household.

Chopping board with rustic edges (bark)

Under these aspects you will find in our online shop a large selection of olive wood products for all areas of life. All products are naturally handmade.  Of course with the help of some cutting and sanding machines. But each product will be quality checked individually before it goes out to our customers. Olive wood offers you a high quality material, which will provide you with proper care a long lasting pleasure during everydays use.