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Olive Wood products: an unconventional touch of originality exclusively for exceptional people and special occasions

Express your love and gratitude to those you love

Shall I offer her/him something useful or a decorative piece? Is she/he going to like it and find it original? Am I supposed to arrange a romantic dinner or breakfast? How can I make it exceptional and cozy?
Our olive wood team is sure you have always asked those questions before deciding what to do to please your dearest ones. To this end, we offer you an extensive range of articles exclusively designed for those occasions. Surprise your mother or wife in Valentine’s or Mothers’ Day with an impressive gift in olive wood (heart-shaped bowls, cutting boards and candle holders or wooden flowers vase ).

Heart shaped cutting board out of olive wood

You can also delight them by celebrating those special occasions with them. Arrange a dinner or breakfast with your family and loved ones. Add an original touch of elegance and love to your special occasions and anniversaries. Olive Wood products help you create a cozy and romantic atmosphere during a romantic breakfast or dinner.

For instance you can express your love using our lovers’ breakfast boards, decorating the house by our heart shaped candle supports, and your table by our remarkable wine bottle holder or flowers vase). In addition to this we offer also some wine bottle stopper out of olive wood and cork. A perfect combination.

Olive wood bottle holder - perfect as a gift for wine lovers
Olive wood bottle holder

Thoughtfulness is our pleasure and duty. That’s why we also thought about your friends and relatives and made the best of our expertise in olive wood and craftsmanship to offer you a collection of timeless games in olive wood (chessboard, solitaire, and dominos) and original gifs like beautiful honey pots, apple bowls and individual cutting boards .

All products are handmade. Of cours with the help of sanding machines and some tools. But always 100% natural.

Perfect gift for chess lovers
Chess game out of olive wood

Our gifts serve to warm the heart in all occasions (New Year eve, Birthdays, Friendship day, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day …). You no longer need to feel confused what to choose. Our gifts are unforgettable, original and last but not least very useful!

Just visit our Olive wood products page and get inspired

The gold of the bees

Is there a more genuine natural product than honey? We love the bees’ gold on our breakfast sandwich and the sweetness of yoghurt, quark and cereals. The first meal of the day should be well balanced and give us the opportunity to go to work strengthened and full of motivation.

Even the Stone Age people over 9,000 years ago used the honey as a valuable food and remedy. In today’s Germany, for example, one speaks of a per capita consumption of one kilo of honey per year. This is also reflected in our ranking of the most purchased olive wood products. Our honey pot and matching honey spoon made of olive wood is not only a wonderful ornament on every breakfast table, but also a convenient storage for the golden yellow food. That’s why our bestseller is already on the table in many breakfast rooms throughout Europe.

Dekoartive honey pot out of olive wood

Whether in the catering, hotel or at your own home: An original olive wood honey pot is the best way to preserve the laboriously won bees nectar in its many variants. The matching lid on the honey pot protects against dust and on top of that, the individual wood grain conjures up a warm and unique color appearance on your breakfast plate. By the way, with the corresponding fluted honey spoon made of olive wood, the liquid gold can be wonderfully dosed, just to your taste.

Whether you honey directly on the butter bread, or use this for cooking and baking, in the honey pot made of olive wood finds the oldest natural product in the world its most natural partner for storage and flavor maintenance. You may also love the variety of honey aromas such as orange blossom, pine needles, lavender, thyme, clover, heather or dandelion. When you open the honey pot every morning, a beguiling fragrance of field, meadows and forest rises in your nose. This is how a good and successful day can begin.

The eye enjoys with.

Your team wishes you a great start to the day and always some honey in the house – because the sweet temptation makes you healthy, happy and happy. In this sense, have a look at our olive wood products portal to find plenty of inspiration for living and enjoying.