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handmade bowls


To make the living space creative, to provide variety and to achieve a personal touch, is anything but easy. Again and again, you can be inspired by various magazines, shop windows or showrooms in order not to have found the suitable object of desire.

Because we always rely on naturalness, individuality and the highest optical demands of our wood products, we have certainly the right eye-catcher for you in the offer. On our online portal you will find not only a large selection, but also individually designed decoration objects that make every home decorator’s heart beat. Of course, all olive wood products are also suitable as a gift.

Our generous olive wood bowl with a natural edge, which we would like to present to you today, captivates as a decorative table decoration as well as an individual kitchen or bathroom helper in a natural look. This bowl is as versatile as your needs and expectations demand it.

handmade bowls
Bowl with a natural edge out of olive wood

On the dining table, the fine-pored olive wood bowl can be decorated either with fresh herbs, flowers or green plants decoratively, as well as attractive looks but also a colorful mixture of stones, corks or rolled placemats. With this decorative shell you immediately get a cozy ambience and can either decorate the shell according to the season or according to your chosen design of your dining room and easily equip for certain occasions.

In the kitchen your unique decorative bowl not only looks healthy and appetizing, with celery stalks, a bunch of carrots and a spicy radish, but also houses the vegetables that you want to process during the week. Of course, a few pillar candles look just as atmospheric in it, as the opportunity with lush grapevines to make your wine tasting evening with friends.

In your bathroom, many colorful natural soaps in different sizes and shapes are just wonderful and incidentally enchant the room in a fragrant spa paradise. Or you can roll various cuddly towels into the large decorative shell to make it easy for your family members and your guests to use.

Handmade salad bowl with a naturla edge
Salad bowl in a natural look

Whether in private rooms or in public settings, such as apartments, guesthouses, hotels or catering establishments, your large olive wood decorative bowl will delight you and your loved ones. Quick stowed and pretty to look at a variety of content lovingly in their environment. Whether jewelery, candles, scarves, scarves or natural gifts from nature, you yourself develop your own style and decorate at your pleasure and mood to easily.

The olive wood team wishes you much pleasure in decorating and designing your inviting and comfortable environment and looks forward to your visit online at!